Vienna is an industrious city located between the Alps and the Pannonian valley. It has a very large Jewish population and is in the midst of an architectural frenzy, being a truly industrious city.

The city is now under the control of Lotharius, the Magus Prince, eldest awake member of Clan Tremere. The Ventrue have a vested peace interest in Vienna only because they do not feel it prudent to weaken their eastern front against the Tzimisce. Meanwhile, in the light of the day, Vienna is a great industrial crossroad for Europe and a growing economic power for the Holy Roman Empire.


The Northern Quarter

The poor and most of the immigrants to Vienna end up in the Northern Quarter. It is crowded, overbuilt, and far too hot. With the exception of the city’s rather small gypsy population that exists outside the walls, most of the non-Christian elements of Vienna are quartered here as well.

To the affluent of Vienna, who live in their villas along the Danube, the northern quarter is synonymous with scum. To the lords of the night, the Northern Quarter represents a feeding district which one must be careful not to overburden.

The Mercantile District

When people think of Vienna, in this era, this is what they imagine. Coin flows freely during the day, as does new construction, and new industry. The first fruits of machinery are beginning to blossom here, with a few automated or water-powered contraptions truly beginning to take hold.

In the nights, the Mercantile District is not as bustling as the day, yet still it is alive with the sounds of late-night trading, brothels, and taverns. Many ghouls meet their Cainite masters here and get their orders. Of course, none of the Elders or higher ranking Ancillae would meet in so public a place, but for the lessers of Caine’s brood, especially among the Low Clans, this is the preferred meeting place.

Hofburg Palace

Most Elysiums are held here, in the catacombs underneath the Hofburg castle (which is on its way to becoming a palace). In the early 1200s, it is not yet the seat of mortal government, but given the amount of power that Lotharius holds over the House of Habsburg, whom they expect to become rulers in the nights to come, if all goes well.

The Danube River & Tunnels

Many of the richest and most aristocratic of the night, including Count Orsi, make their homes on the Danube River. While no vampire openly proclaims he is a vampire, some Cainites who live here make it no secret. Their staff are all well aware of who they are, even the non-ghouls, as are some of the bourgeois.

Of course, this does not mean that the Prince does not support the Sixth Tradition, that the Blood shall not be revealed to others. It merely means that the more affluent Cainites are allowed some leeway with the Tradition.

But don’t you get any ideas, Neonate.

Several tunnels exit the Vienna undercity and empty into the Danube River. Neonates in the city are warned that, while these tunnels do go everywhere, they belong to the Pawnbroker and the Nosferatu. Enter them at your peril.

The Ringstrasse

A road built from the old walls of Vienna, the Ringstrasse surrounds the Inner Stradt of the City, where all the old churches reside. The Ringstrasse is unclaimed territory and is likely to remain unclaimed territory as the Teutonic knights patrol the area frequently.

House de Hexe

The House of the Tremere. This is in Southern Vienna and is the most potent fortress of the Usurpers. Only Tremere are ever allowed to enter beyond the outer courtyard. The house bears the Order of Hermes’ markings, leading many in the city to believe it belongs to the Hermetic cult that, while technically heretical, has done enough good deeds that the Church leaves them be.


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