1022 AD: The Tremere Clan emerges in Vienna.

1037 AD: Tremere-Tzimisce War begins.


1125 AD: The Tremere start using gargoyle shock troops.

1155 AD: Vienna is now under the control of Prince Lotharius.

1185 AD: The Tremere Clan rises suddenly in power.

1190 AD: Frederick I dies under mysterious conditions.

1194 AD: Henry VI unifies the Holy Roman Empire again and conquers Sicily, as well as the Normans.

1198 AD: Henry dies unexpectedly.


1204 AD: The Fourth Crusade arrives in Constantinople. Prince Michael, a 4th Generation Toreador, is murdered by the Assamites (though none claim to be the murderer), kicking off the War of Princes.

1212 AD: Frederick II crowned Holy Roman Emperor.

1230 AD: Frederick II finishes his conquest of the Holy Land with a peace treaty between himself and Sultan al-Kamil. Frederick now adds King of Jerusalem to his titles.


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