Dramatis Persona

The Modern Nights

Etrius: Has begun acting very strangely…
Goratrix: Has begun acting much smarter…
Katherine Weise: Primogen of the Brujah in New York City. A Promethean.
The Three Bodhisattvas: Three very enlightened Kuei-Jin in Calcutta. Considered the most dangerous Kindred of the East in all of India.
William: A strange fellow found in the mountains north of the Banghal Flood Plains.
Zapathasura: The oldest known Methuselah to ever rise, said to have awoken within the last day.

Black Mariah

Black Mariah: Diablerist. Slew Prince Michael and started the War of Princes. Number 1 member of the Red List. Most Wanted Kindred in all the world. May her name be accursed.

Jerusalem Kindred

Ahmed ibn Zayyat: Master assassin.
Dhabalisk Zarathustra: Queen of Set in the City. Maintains the Temple of Set under Jerusalem and has a strict rule about keeping the Nosferatu out of the city.
Habbas Vantos: Ravnos. While the Camarilla lay claim over all Kidnred and Habbas recognizes the authority of Lucius in public, Habbas is the true power of the city and every Kindred worth his salt knows it.
Lucius Trebius Rufus: Nominal prince of Jerusalem and Voice of Camarilla Authority in the city.

Outremer Mortals

M├╝ezzinzade Ali Pasha: Disgraced former commander of the Ottoman Fleet that lost the Battle of Lepanto. Ghoul of Ahmed ibn Zayyat.
Solomon David: Elder of the Sons of Seth, the Jewish Qabbalistic presence in Jerusalem. Like many Jews of this time, he keeps his faith low to prevent the Mohammadeans from persecuting him and the David family.
Tellah David: Matriach of the David women in Jerusalem. Said to carry an artifact known as the Finger of Y’honaton that will tell her when a friend of old has appeared.

The War of Princes

Background Characters

People whose influence is felt more than shown on screen time.

Etrius: Childe of Tremere. Oldest of the Tremere. Rumored to be in Vienna and in Torpor. Others say he is guarding Tremere’s sleeping body.
Gregory IX: Pope. Reformer and politician consolidating papal power in Italy. Keeping his hands off Germany in exchange for multiple concessions in Italy (possibly allied with the Lasombra).
Hardestadt: Ventrue Prince contending to make himself High Prince of the Holy Roman Empire. Known for his traveling court.
Henry VII: King of Germany. Son of Emperor Frederick II. Rumor among the Cainites is that he’s gearing up for revolt.
Hermann von Salza: Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order.
Julia Antasia: The Roman Relic, and one of the founders of the Antasia movement within the Ventrue. Opposes Hardestadt.


Anvorius: Cappadocian monk harboring fugitives from the Prince under the Tremere-Cappadocian treaty.
Count Orsi: Eldest member of the Ventrue in Vienna. Technical title would be freigraf or Free Count. Has three Childer in Vienna: Kazi, Teta, and Zeta. Teta and Zeta lost their tongues as mortals and cannot speak.
Jorska: Tzimisce who, in 166 AD, helped create Vienna by his manipulation of a Roman legion. If he still exists, he is in the Voivadate and of no concern to Vienna any longer… right?
Lotharius: The Magus Prince. Prince of Vienna.
Pawnbroker, the: Eldest of the Nosferatu in Vienna. Murdered the Roman Ventrue a few centuries back. Does not publicly state his feelings towards the Tremere, but he does attend Lotharius’ court from time to time.
Jereboam Sefirot: Man who owns a potion shop along the Golden Lane.
Valerianus: Tzimisce whom rumor says helped deliver Vienna into the Tremere’s hands. If true, the Tzimisce would have put him to death for this.
Victor Charlemagne:


Y’honatan David (da-veed): Qabbalistic patron of the small Hebrew community in Vienna. Father to Rebekah David and Ruth David, both of marriagable age (13), yet he refuses to marry them off to non-Jewish persons for reasons he does not divulge to the living. Also father of Abram David, a teenager studying to be a more traditional Rabbi.

Dramatis Persona

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