Twenty-Eight and Five Thousand Nights

While in Heaven's Kingdom

Habbas Vantos, Ravnos Sovereign of Jerusalem, rested in his whimsically chosen hall of the evening. As the Sovereign did most nights, Habbas went over each and every missive his clan sent him from as far away as Kolkatta in the East. This night, a letter reached his desk from the hand of Delilah, Daughter of Lilith (well, really, great quintuple removed granddaughter).

“Mariah the Black, of Clan Baali, is moving through Jerusalem. She holds a fragment of Nod, the Crone’s blood, and a piece of Eden. Now, she seeks a canopic jar with the remains of a dead god from the Second Age of Man,” Habbas paused to ponder that last one. “Age of Man? Hmm… the Devil-Tigers say we are in the fifth age.”

“The Impergium was the third, the fourth began after the deluge, and the fifth marked the death of magic – what would remain from the Age of Sorrows? Do even Antediluvians remember so far back?”

Habbas turned his eyes back to Delilah’s letter. “And a sleeping ancient. Where would she find one of those?”


Excerpt from Roger’s Journal

Death is lighter than a feather, duty is heavier than a mountain.

Whoever penned that had no experience being dead. Death doesn’t relieve one of duty, as any Cainite could attest. Ah… but I am supposed to use the term “Kindred” now, of course. It seems silly, but I’ve committed myself to the Camarilla and so I must observe even their less useful dictates. The other options are the horror of the kinslayers or the isolation of the Inconnu. While my sire may be content with merely watching, I am not ready to give up striving.

Not yet.

This year, we hunt Mariah the Black. The elders have reunited those of us from the events of Vienna—now so long in the past—to do so. I suppose that we who ended Arias the Undying while mere neonates and ancilla have something of a reputation for pulling victory out of unlikely places. There are those on this team, however, who I could do without.

Still, one goes to war with the army one has.

Jerusalem is an unsettling place. Nominally under the control of an incompetent dolt—who makes me embarrassed to be Ventrue and who should thank the nonexistent god that we restrained Artoria—this place is the domain of the Ravnos. And they made that abundantly clear in their inimitably indirect fashion. We are outnumbered and outarmed, although I suspect the Ravnos will tread as lightly around us as we represent something new and quite dangerous.

What remains to be seen is if Mariah has any connection to the Ravnos. That they are aware of her presence goes without saying. Whether they understand or believe the threat she poses is not yet known. It will be difficult if she has influenced them, and so we must assume she has until we discover evidence to the contrary. For now, our path leads us to the Setites, and that encounter should be both enlightening and disturbing.

Ravnos I can live with—at arms length. Assamites have a form of honor. But Setites? they may be a step up from the Baali, but then again, they are ONLY a step up from the Baali.

While in Heaven's Kingdom
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