Twenty-Eight and Five Thousand Nights

And the Serpent's Stared

Joshua of Saulot walked through the greenery near the Church of the Visitation out in Moskubiya, perhaps a dozen or so miles from Jerusalem. While the forests here looked nothing like the coniferous lands close to Vienna, they still held the same children of the moon which Joshua sought. This coterie from the newly formed Camarilla held a bit of fascination for him: perhaps he would need to seek out the remnants of the Iconnu among them. Perhaps Joshua’s friend was still among them.

No matter, now that the Followers of Set had decided not to resist his leaving, Joshua knew he needed to help the Coterie defeat Mariah the Black before she called forth one of the Fallen from the pits of Hell. Though he could not directly intervene and stop Mariah himself without violating his suspire, he could help them in other ways.

“You walk in our wilderlands again, blessed one,” he heard a voice growl from the treeline.

Joshua smiled. “I do, garou,” he rhymed. “Not without reason, I assure you. I have five companions who need a quick route to Kolkatta in west Bangal.”

“That is over three thousand miles, and deep within hengoyaki territory.”

“I know.”

“You ask us to take five wyrm-tainted creatures into the Umbra and walk the silver-paths set aside for our own kind?”

“I do.”

A low growl emanated from the forest. “Unacceptable, blessed one.”

“Those among them who are not at least nascent of myself will be suspended in Torpid slumber for the duration.”

The growling ceased and the air was pregnant with thought. Then, “Fine. Bring them tomorrow night, on full moon.”


I stand in our temporary domain… or haven as these things are now called in this new order. I am setting aside both armor and sword on preparation for treating with the lupines.

Sometimes I think the long march of nights must have driven me into madness to rival a child of Malkav.

Surely, to face a pack without arms is lunacy.

…a singularly appropriate word. My sense of humor is… improving.

This last evening was very difficult for me. Mariah new just how to strike at me, just where I am weakest. That I survived is a testament to my sire’s training, but though I fought off whatever phantom she left to torment me, I did not escape unscathed.

Oddly enough, this may be for the best. The issues lying between myself and Sana’ a fester, and we must deal with them. We don’t have time now, but if we… and the world… survive Mariah’s grand plot, then we will find time.

And the Serpent's Stared
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